Our Map and Rules…

The map below is an illustration of where our journeys have taken us. So far, we’ve experienced 14 of the NHL cities with just 3 Eastern conference teams remaining (we’ve seen 2 Western teams). Future pages will have posts for each game and each city we’ve visited.

As lifelong Flyers fans, it would have been easy for us to just follow the team but we wanted to truly experience the team and culture within each city. So, we came up with a few rules…

1. Never see the Flyers play

2. Always cheer for the home team (unless it’s New York or Pittsburgh)

3. We get a puck from each arena that we’ve visited

These rules started as a bit of a joke but have made all the difference so far and have allowed us to meet people from all over, tell them our story and enjoy the game with strangers. In an unexpected way, I’ve become a bit less of a Flyers fan and more of a hockey fan through this journey.

The Green pins are cities that we’ve visited and have seen games while the Red pins are cities that are still on our list to visit.