Our NHL Dream Tour

This blog is my story of fulfilling a childhood dream of seeing a game in every NHL arena. So far, it’s been such an incredibly rewarding experience and, after many requests, I’ve decided to share our story.

Hockey was always my first love. Some of my earliest and favorite memories as a child revolve around the game. I grew up in Philadelphia and at birth was indoctrinated into what it meant to be a Flyers fan. From the time I saw my first NHL game at the Spectrum, I always wondered what it would be like to see a game at other arenas around the league. At some point as a young boy, I told myself that I would see all of the NHL arenas one day.

My oldest son followed the traditional path of starting to skate when he was 3. Going to the rink in the summer is fantastic because while most normal people are at the beach or the pool, we were in an ice rink learning to skate on a near-empty sheet. Sadly, he injured his arm two years later before he was about to start playing and that delay led him to pursuing his own passion, soccer. He’s an avid sports fan and loves hockey as well which helps as this would have been a lonely pursuit without him as my wingman.

Our plan is to share the start of this journey which began in 2014 and continue to update until we’ve finished. We’ll post pictures as well as our favorite memories from each of the trips. Please feel free to reach out to us and share your thoughts and suggestions for any future trips that we have planned.

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